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Query O365 Group Mailbox

I would like the ability to query an O365 group mailbox and then take action based on the results.  This query would need to accept standard filter criteria such has date/time (both static and variable), from address, subject line content and body content searching.  


For example: 

I have a process that generates an email on a regular basis and that email comes into the O365 mailbox.  I want to then run a Flow that queries for the mailbox for this email and if no email is received in a particular time frame when I would like the Flow to notify me.  


Another example would be:

I have a group mailbox that handles requests.  If a request comes in with the words "SharePoint" or "O365 Group" or "shared mailbox" in the body of the email then I would like to be notified, but I don't care about any of the other requests.  I would run this flow a few times a day to check for any recent emails that came in.  


Status: New