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Quiz - Reading "Total Points" Column from Response

Please allow for use of the Total Points field from a Forms Quiz. We need to take this data to enter into flow so that an appropriate email would be sent to the person taking the quiz. It seems odd that you record the data but do not allow use of the data.

Status: New
Advocate I

ridiculous that there is no response to this question yet!

To repeat most before me: this is really needed to be taken seriously!

Frequent Visitor

This idea is here since 3 years ago,  really nobody in ms read us?  

Frequent Visitor

For me either 2 of these solutions would do: Having Quizes responses Excel going to an Excel Online on Onedrive (just like regular forms), or having Power Automate to get the Total points data

But this is absolutelly necessary!

Frequent Visitor

HOW is this not OOB functionality?!

Advocate II
Advocate II

Why is this still not part of the functionality?


What is the point of having a quiz if there's no way to sync the score anywhere?


In an environment where I am using Forms as training for hundreds of people, syncing them all to sharepoint lists - yet I have to click through them one by one on my intake forms order to see who passed or failed the tests?

Advocate I

Could be this feature has been already made available?  Share Microsoft Forms quiz scores with Power Automate | Automated It! - YouTube

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Not when i tried it...