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Quiz - Reading "Total Points" Column from Response

Please allow for use of the Total Points field from a Forms Quiz. We need to take this data to enter into flow so that an appropriate email would be sent to the person taking the quiz. It seems odd that you record the data but do not allow use of the data.

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here I am 4 years later and microsoft is still ignoring us
I was able to put the total points in an excel but not in a variable... great

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This feature really would be a massive benefit - I'm having to try and use other programs / work-arounds because the 'total score' field of a Form Quiz does not pull through to Power Automate.   Any sign of them adding this soon?? 

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It's crazy that this is not available. It seems like a really basic function to be able to use quizzes for anything--I was going to send an email when a new employee got a passing score as a notification that I need to give them a particular reward, and was so surprised that this basic piece of data is not available. Sigh.