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Quiz - Reading "Total Points" Column from Response

Please allow for use of the Total Points field from a Forms Quiz. We need to take this data to enter into flow so that an appropriate email would be sent to the person taking the quiz. It seems odd that you record the data but do not allow use of the data.

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 we really need be able to get the total points in a quiz,  'cuase in Flows we approve or not  with this data. 



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Yes. When a candidate finished one quiz and the total points is the first meaningful data to be recorded. But why the function that the total points can be collected and output into a flow (for example, to trigger a notification to the HR manager re the total points the candidate get).

please do consider of this!


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This would allow us to build a flow that could react appropriately to employees using their test results. 

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It would be great to have total points and per question points for use with flows. These firlds are available when exporting results to excel from Forms.
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Yes agree - whats the point of quiz if the fundamental bit - did you pass, score enough etc isnt accesible.


However while this element needs to be readable in flow - and capable of being passed to sharepoint etc. I would equally say that the forms needs some functionality built to also handle this - i.e that if a quiz is completed and a (configurable pass mark either for the whole test or even groups of questions within the test) isnt reached, options can be set, to make the test available to be done again(with same or random questions) and a set number of rertires - before being locked out, so in a perfect world youd set say 2 tries, each try. could still run a flow to store output of responeses, but on second try if still failed flow is run to notify manager/teacher etc that two failed attempts occurred with score, this flow could give option to reset test for a third/4th go.