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Quota Action for using price saving

I want to save cost of using API.

Some microsoft actions and API have quota of limited time, like per hour, per day, per month.

When over quota of usage, Failed the action.

And Larger quota of API need more price plan.


I want a Quota action,

that input the quota count, and the interval time, like: quota count = 100, interval time = hour.

and output current count as number, and "over of quota" as boolean


My scenario:

  Research the Key phrases of Tweets.

  Quotaed Action = "Text Analytics" service - "Key Phrase" action.

  if in quota, call the "Key Phrases" and, else not call.

  The quota of "Text Analytics" service Free plan is 5,000 time per month.

  so, I set the quota to 160 per day, which < 5,000/31 or 6 per hour which < 5000/31/24



Yoshihiro Kawabata







Status: New