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RSS can't grab <content> and <author> fields... (╯ಠ_ಠ)╯︵ ┻━┻

If you will take a look at this RSS feed for instance -> you can see that it has <content> and <author> fields which are pretty much standard for any Atom RSS feed today. Currently Microsoft Flow can grab the following:

  • Categories - Item
  • Feed categories
  • Feed copyright information
  • Feed ID
  • Feed links
  • Feed published on
  • Feed summary
  • Feed title
  • Feed updated on
  • links - Item
  • Primary feed link
  • Represents a wrapper object for batch trigger response
  • Represents an RSS feed item

Yet two very important ones are missing! Feed author and Feed content!


I recommend to take a look at how Zapier ( implemented thier RSS grabber to get the right inspiration!

Status: New
Frequent Visitor

1.5 years have passed and still not available. I am willing to create an automated task in which only content from certain authors triggers the workflow. Meanwhile, is there any possible workaround?

Frequent Visitor

I totally agree. The Zapier RSS works flawlessly. Why can't Power Automate do the same??

New Member

I'd like to switch from IFTTT (they can do it) to Flows, but no luck... ☹️

Frequent Visitor

Still no