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Read lines of text

To me this seems like such a basic request.


I want to be able to read lines of a text file or CSV or anything and then do stuff with that text such as populating a spreadsheet.



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I think a not-too-complex but still pretty flexible way to approach is to have the step/action read in with no delimiter by default, but under advanced, allow specifying a delmiter string (comma by default, but also tabs, pipes, and even a "white space" option to get all the "words", or a limited sequence of characters in case of some weird legacy format).

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CSV parsing shoudl include correct handlin of quoted fields.



"item1", "test item 2, test", item3, "Item4"

shoudl result in 4 columns.


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I have the same question.My file is in one drive and I use get file content and store it in a string.Kindly tell me how to loop through each line of the text file.?