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Receive Notification when page in OneNote Class Notebook is updated

It would be really usefull if we could receive a notification, perhaps by email, when pages in OneNote Class Notebook are updated by students and/or others sharing the Notebook.

This feature could just as well be more generic and allow for notifications when any page in a shared notebook is updated.  This feature already exists for notebooks hosted in personal One Drive accounts.  It makes sense that it is updated to business One Drive as well.


Status: New
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I would love to see this feature.

New Member

Beggars belief that the designers of OneNote for Education didn't look at the features offered by Moodle and seek to replicate them.  This kind of notification is a no-brainer!

And what about the other way? When I upload new material where is there a button to simply send a message to all registered students (and teachers)?