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Receive Notification when page in OneNote Class Notebook is updated

It would be really usefull if we could receive a notification, perhaps by email, when pages in OneNote Class Notebook are updated by students and/or others sharing the Notebook.

This feature could just as well be more generic and allow for notifications when any page in a shared notebook is updated.  This feature already exists for notebooks hosted in personal One Drive accounts.  It makes sense that it is updated to business One Drive as well.


Status: New
Level: Power Up

I would love to see this feature.

Level: Power Up

Beggars belief that the designers of OneNote for Education didn't look at the features offered by Moodle and seek to replicate them.  This kind of notification is a no-brainer!

And what about the other way? When I upload new material where is there a button to simply send a message to all registered students (and teachers)?