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Recurrence Time Zone doesn't work

I am setting up a monthly email that will go to senior managers in the monring. In the first month, it sent the email at 2:15am. I checked the flow and realized that the Recurrence trigger does not understand timezones.There is an option for timezones and after the flow ran the outputs make it seem like the flow understands time zones.


I set it to occur once a month

Start time was: 2019-01-01T08:15Z

Time Zone was: Central Standard Time


But as you will see in my screenshot I run a seperate action afterwards that converts UTCnow to CST and it shows that it was 2:15am when the flow ran.


So my current work around is putting in the Start Time in UTC while accounting for the time difference myself.

Ex: Feb 1st 2019 at 7:15am CST(-6) = 2019-02-01T13:15:00Z... This technically works but when Daylight Savings time rolls around it will mess up the timing and also there is already a field to account for timezone, it just doesn't work.


Please let me know what I am missing when it comes to the timezone field



Recurrence error.PNG


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