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Recurrence to run a flow on a particular day of the month. For e.g First Wednesday or second Tuesday of the Month

Hi Team,


To start with, I simply love Microsoft Flow. I have been using it to automate many of my daily tasks.

I use the recurrence feature quite often and was thinking of the improvement to this.

I know Flow features are continuously updated and this might be included in one of the releases.

So, the problem I faced with the recurrence is the inability to set up a flow to run on a particular day of the month.

For e.g., if we want to set up a flow to run on the first Wednesday of the month or second Sunday of the month, etc. Currently, there is no way to do that (unless you dive deep into logic and codes and create custom solutions
). this feature is quite common and Microsoft already has it in Outlook (for setting a meeting on a particular day of the month). This feature will be very helpful for me (I'm sure there are others also who will be benefitted with this.

So, that an idea suggestion from me. Hope it makes sense!



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Hi Apandey,


Do yo have already a solution for this?

I want to do the same thing at every first monday of the month.

So far i don't have a solution for this.


Kind regards,

H. Huibers

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Unfortunatly NO. I didn't get much time to explore this to be honest. As a work around I've a flow triggered to run every 4th week on a particular day (with a defined start date) this does the trick for few months then you have to adjust the start date again. I know this is not the way to do it. But, for now, it is what it is. 🙂

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Meanwhile i have found a way to accomplish this.

For more information see this picture below:

Check first monday at every monthThe screenshot is in dutch but i hope that you have enough information now.

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Hello, what is Voorwaarde?

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That's "condition". it's in Dutch

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Actually, I think you could achieve this with Trigger conditions. For example, if you want a flow to run only on the first day of each month, set the trigger to run every 1 day and add this as a trigger condition:



Or, if you want it to run on the 15th of the month, use: 



To run on the first Tuesday of each month would be a bit trickier, but I'm sure it's possible by leveraging the dayOfWeek expression.  

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Hi Chad,


Thanks for your message.  I know there are tricks to get the job done. However, I just wanted a built-in feature.

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Based on @ChadVKealey answer, it is possible to create a trigger condition of the form:


to trigger on the last Wednesday of every month...