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Recurring events with SharePoint calendar

I have a SharePoint calendar that contains recurring events throughout the year. I have a Flow that queries this calandar each day to see if there is an event for the day. Currently, Flow will only see the actual start date of the event series, not the individual events on a day to day basis. 


Similar to an Exchange calendar, it would be nice to have recurring events that provide notification.


The SharePoint calendar knows it's a recurring event. Please enable Flow to read these events.

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Excuse What I say But This Is A Royal Pain In My Butt

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Removed Duplicate Post

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MS Flow team,


Please add this feature as soon as possible. As mentioned in the original post, we can display the recurring items in a SharePoint Calendar view, but currently in flow there is no way to create a flow that uses these recurring calendar events. This means users currently need to create recurring events one by one if they want MS Flow to automatically performs some task at the specified date and time. Some of these tasks occur daily. I am aware that we can use the Recurrence trigger in MS Flow to perform some action on a specified frequency, but this is not as straight forward as simply scheduling a recurring event in a SharePoint Calendar. Plus as the number of these recurring events increases having multiple flows for each recurring task because a maintenance nightmare. I really hope this functionality will be added soon.


Thank you for your consideration.



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This capability is critical to creating full-fledged calendar solutions for our customers. This issue also rears its ugly head pretty badly with the Events web part. Users won't trust a solution that doesn't show them all the data it should. Are there any plans to support this in the near future?

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Seconded also need all day event added

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ANY PROGRESS ON THIS?! Desperately need it.

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Strange that in 2021 this functionality is still not available. 

Can anyone confirm that there has been no updates or any work arounds available that would allow Power Automate to send reminders notices for a SharePoint calendar recurring event?
The most upsetting part is that there is really no official information out there that states that this would not work.