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Recycle bin for deleted flows

It would be ideal to be able to restore an accidently deleted flow. 


I accidently deleted a flow, I'm not sure which one it was (we have a fairly large list) and it was by another teammate, so I'm at a lost at knowing which teammate to contact to have them recreate it, having a recycle bin or other mechanism to recover deleted flows would be very helpful.



Status: Under Review

We are looking at this. Thank you!

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I have the same issue

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It's been two years and still nothing as basic as a recycle bin.

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Agree, this should be in place, many users are not software programmers and privy to recreating with ease. I have spent 3 days, literally trying to recreate a fairly complicated flow, and it is very frustrating.  Lesson learned, always make a copy prior to edits/updates.

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I deleted the flow.  Now, I am suffering the pain of re-creating the flow. 


Having a recycle bin for deleted flows are now very important!

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Please consider, I just deleted the wrong flow. I want to go cry in the corner right now. 🤣🙄😣🙄😑😐😥😫

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Is there anyone at MS who cares that big problem ?


Obviously Stephen is no longer working for MS. Look at his page :

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‎07-09-2021 02:21 PM


Waiting for news, Thanks.

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No recycle bin??? That's a sick joke.


It's almost like Microsoft have poorly integrate a bunch of technologies and stuck a brand over the top.


One mouse click = dozens of hours work lost.  Pathetic.

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We need a way to restore a deleted workflow...a trash can.

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I need this ASAP (trigger happy with the delete key !) 🤐


A TIP : Keep one browser session open with your flows. Then open another browser session with the flow you are editing (and deleting). You can go back to the existing browser session and make a copy of the deleted one. It works (I "luckily" did it)

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Any progress already please?