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Recycle bin for deleted flows

It would be ideal to be able to restore an accidently deleted flow. 


I accidently deleted a flow, I'm not sure which one it was (we have a fairly large list) and it was by another teammate, so I'm at a lost at knowing which teammate to contact to have them recreate it, having a recycle bin or other mechanism to recover deleted flows would be very helpful.



Status: Under Review

We are looking at this. Thank you!

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I'm truly surprised that it hasn't been implemented by now  

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When will we have this?

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Two years and no response for a function that should have been built-in before the initial release?!? It is still listed as under review? How long does it take to review this?

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Why wasn't this a part of Flow from the very beginning? Almost every other product has a recycle bin so you can restore accidentally deleted items. 


If you aren't going to have a recycle bin, at least make it harder to delete them. On/Off can be easy but delete should be difficult if we can't recover them.

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Any update on this? No updates from Microsoft since 2018 😞

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2.5 years old request.


I've just accidentally deleted my flow, can I restore it? ....

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This post was opened two years ago. Two years later I see that there is no solution, inconceivable. I also lost my flow, my friend deleted accidentally. Now it will take too much time to do this again. This is a terrible situation😭 ...... Please add a recover feature urgently.  Thanks.

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Hi @Sibel,

By submitting a support ticket, Microsoft can restore a deleted flow for a limited period of time. 

You will need to know the Flow GUID though (if you have a link to your Flow --> maybe saved in a bookmark or if the Flow ever failed you got that notification email from Microsoft --> the GUID is in the link). Hopefully this helps 👍

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