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Recycle bin for deleted flows

It would be ideal to be able to restore an accidently deleted flow. 


I accidently deleted a flow, I'm not sure which one it was (we have a fairly large list) and it was by another teammate, so I'm at a lost at knowing which teammate to contact to have them recreate it, having a recycle bin or other mechanism to recover deleted flows would be very helpful.



Status: Under Review

We are looking at this. Thank you!

New Member

I have the same issue

Advocate IV

It's been two years and still nothing as basic as a recycle bin.

New Member

Agree, this should be in place, many users are not software programmers and privy to recreating with ease. I have spent 3 days, literally trying to recreate a fairly complicated flow, and it is very frustrating.  Lesson learned, always make a copy prior to edits/updates.