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Recycle bin for deleted flows

It would be ideal to be able to restore an accidently deleted flow. 


I accidently deleted a flow, I'm not sure which one it was (we have a fairly large list) and it was by another teammate, so I'm at a lost at knowing which teammate to contact to have them recreate it, having a recycle bin or other mechanism to recover deleted flows would be very helpful.



Status: Under Review

We are looking at this. Thank you!

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I completely agree!! MS Support was not able to restore two of our deleted Team Flows. As a result, I have to create 2 Flows again by scratch.

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It can get very difficult and time consuming if some of my Flows had to be recreated. For I have to research and discover stuff that I already figured in my flows if I accidently delete one.

Recycle bin for flows will be truely a great feature to have.

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Status changed to: Under Review

We are looking at this. Thank you!

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Agreed... is ther any update on the recycle bin for flows?

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I have this same issue!


Is it have a solution?

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Please say you can change the status to planned? Smiley Happy

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I just deleted a flow that I need to recover, so yeah this is a feature I could have used 30 seconds ago.

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any update on the accidentally deleted forms on how to recover them?

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Please add the feature. Flows are very powerfull tools for users to leverage, but users are also careless, and accidentally delete important objects. The facility to recover accidentally deleted Flows would be a great feature.

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Same issue here - any updates?