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Redesign Flow Approval Email

Is anyone else frustrated at the layout of the Approval emails? I've previously had a rant on here about the UI for Approving and Rejecting flows, so this is a precursor rant at the way the Approval emails are formatted which we have no control over.


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It's UNACCEPTABLE!!!! User adoption is hard enough without trying to explain this garbage in the email.  Kudos to you for you assertiveness!

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Approval e-mails COULD be a very useful automation (with PowerApps and lists) but in my experience those who recieve the approval e-mails don't know what it is and just ignores it.

We need better layout with a one-click response.

If not custom UI, let's at least have some options.

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I've only been really diving into approvals for the first time in the last few weeks and I'm not terribly impressed. This email layout is one of the reasons. I can see how they would want to ensure that SOME things are in there and not give us control over them, but I've already got problems with user attitudes toward SharePoint/Flow/Workflows and stuff like this is not helping.

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I would also like to be able to add hyperlinks other than the link to item. 

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Approval email format Customization is very important, we need this function

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The shear fact that in Outlook the approval email lacks a scroll bar (for multiple options) or fails to stack them for smaller screens... is amazingly sad.  And then without the option to default to the "show original message" or even just resize that space... wow :(.