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Refresh Option for Excel Import Connection To Data Table

I have been messing around with powerapps for about a week and a half now and I created a Tablet App used to record Scanned info for a Purchase Order.


The gathered info is then sent through a MS Flow into an excel file on a business One Drive. In the app I added a Data Table connected to the Excel file in the business one drive.


What I'm struggling with is that there is no way to refresh the Connection to that one drive excel file so that the Data Table will then display the new data after the user submits a new order. 


Is there a way to Refresh the import into the DataTable for an Excel File in either a Sharepoint Folder or One Drive Folder? Because to me it is pointless to be able to import data from an excel file and it can only be done once? 


I have tried...

Refresh(Table1) Command to the Data Table connection (This does nothing just shows a loading bar at the top of the screen for a brief moment.)


Collections (I tried to make a collection for when the submit button is pressed and then populate that Data Table, but sadly you can't do this either)


SharePoint List (I can not use this because in the past our company has had issues trying to extract the data from a share point list so this is a no go.)


Any help at all would be great! I don't know if the Microsoft team is already working on a feature like this, but I would just like to be able to refresh the Import From Excel connection in a DataTable please and thank you.



Status: New