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Refresh PowerBI dataset



I want an action to do a refresh of a PowerBI dataset.




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Hi, i also want this functionality as i want to trigger a flow to updae a powerbi dataset/report & then trigger a message to a Yammer group!

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I want to data refresh of dataset in Power BI Service.


In June 21,2017.

Power BI Service announce "Data Refresh API".


Data Refresh API can trigger refresh for a dataset,

and can get refresh history.


I hope to support Data Refresh API in Power BI connector in Microsoft Flow.



Yoshihiro Kawabata


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It would be helpful to have a flow that could tell Power BI to refresh a specified dataset.

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Level: Power Up

It would be great to have this feature added to Flow. It looks like all the ingredients are there alrady. 

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I would like this functionality too, it would be very helpful to use Flow to trigger Power BI Dataset refreshes.




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i think this one actually may be completed now