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Remove/Delete Completed Tasks in Planner

I use Flow to create tasks on a regular basis, but I have no automated way to remove completed tasks.  I would like to be able to remove completed tasks from a Planner bucket using a Flow.

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I tested @cleytonp's approach on a Planner with 500 active tasks and around 6000 completed ones.  The "List Tasks" action only processes the first 400 tasks and apparently sorts the active tasks first.  I like the approach but it can't be used on big Planner boards with more than 400 incomplete tasks.

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Using the new "Delete Task" action, I was able to delete all completed tasks from a large planner board.  It can process 5000 tasks per run but can be run multiple times.  In short:

  1. Export the tasks to Excel and host on OneDrive.
  2. Remove all in-progress tasks and convert data to a table in Excel.
  3. Setup flow to read from Excel table and delete tasks using Task ID.
    1. Important: change pagination on the List Rows action to 5000 or it will only process 256 rows.


Pagination setting:





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Can you modify it to delete completed tasks of only particular providing his upn in flow

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@uvaismohammed  on the "list Task" settings try to turn on the pagination and set the threshold on a higher number. it can be set up to 100,000




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There is now a (preview) action that deletes a task!

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This it worked to me.