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Remove hard coded item limit of 20 and add ability to use query filters for OneNote Actions like Get Pages for a Specific Section

Currently the Get Pages for a Specific Section OneNote action there is a hard coded item limit for the query return of 20, which may be ok for development testing purposes but in real world scenarios it is not a realistic item limit.

I have a flow that is supposed to create a page in a specific section in a notebook if it doesn't exist already (naming convention is applied for the page titles), and the flow uses the Get Pages for a Specific Section to check if the page already exists.  This works ok as long as you have less than 20 pages, but in real life scenarios, it is extremely easy to have more than 20 pages under a section (in mycase even if I only have one event per day, that is already more than 20 pages, so the flow keeps returning false on the filter and keeps creating duplicate pages.

I even tried to make the NoteBookSection into a variable and added ?$top=100 at the end of the url, but it gets ignored and I only get 20 items back.

OneNote-GetPgesItemHardLimit09-01-2020 09-09-26.png

When I run the same query in Graph Explorer: I get the number of items returned from the query filter.  It should work the same way in Flow.

It would be great, if we (power users) would be able to send filters with the GET requests within OneNote, and it would be even better 

Status: New