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Remove " *User* used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification"


It would be good to be able to remove, hide or otherwise minimize the " *User* used Microsoft Flow to automate this notification" text that is automatically placed at the footer of a Flow message in Teams.

Another user stated it is there for GDPR compliance - and that is fine - but could it be in a smaller font size, and be a more truncated message?


The email seems unnecessary if the user name who trigger the flow is displayed.

Or surely a "Why did I receive this message?" link to more info could be sufficient?

The spruiking of Power Automate to an organization that's already using it seems a little silly too.

It's a minor annoyance, but it does cause a lot of clutter in the conversation thread in Teams.

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Yes please remove it.  This is very tacky.  Please note that this text also tagged onto the end of automated MS Teams messages when the Flow bot is used to create an automated message in a channel. 

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Please remove this

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My company will not use this notification in Teams, in the business owners own words:

"....that blurb unnecessary, highly distracting and confusing to the end user....  If there's the need to advertise this feature they (Microsoft) are targeting the wrong audience...."


Maybe a footnote in small font at the bottom would do, so it does not occupy too much real state.

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Please remove!  I create notifications for leadership and groups within my organization all the time.  I don’t need or want a “shoutout” on each notification I create for a Team.

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Please remove.

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Agreed. It's pointless.

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It's really redundant advertising for an organization that is already using a microsoft flow and just makes every message look tacky.

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We use Power Automate across the organisation so why advertise it? I cannot see why this would be a GDPR requirement. Just seems like blatent advertising to me. A simple "sent by" would be sufficient if really needed.


As much as we'd like to use this feature, we won't until the option to remove this is made available.


Would be nice to get some feedback from MS on this.

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One of the single dumbest "features" I've ever seen in a product.  This should be has no function and only confuses the user into reaching out and contacting the person listed who created the application.

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For organizations that have no clue what Flow is, this undermines the adoption of Adaptive Cards in Teams.  I'm truly disgusted by how MS imposes it's own marketing priorities ahead of its customers' needs.  Reeks of an ex-Oracle exec decision or a Ballmer clone, not Nadella.  #BadForm