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Remove the created by in the Approvals email

Remove the Created by in the email notification for an Approvals. Actually we see the owner/creator of the Power Automate, this is very confusing and there is no value to have this information.

Status: New
Kudo Collector

Yes this is driving me crazy. I have business people contacting me directly with questions I cannot answer because I, personally, am posted as the Creator of the approval task. This seems to be another issue in the twilight zone between intended audiences. Is Flow for the business user manually triggering an approval on a document...or is it for the developer/IT pro who is creating workflows for entire departments to which he/she does not belong? As a developer, at least give me the ability to NOT include my name on hundreds of messages. We need a little more control over the look and format of Approval task messages. I am constantly being asked if they are legit or some kind of phishing scam.

New Member

Yeah, It should be optional as it's make no sense to keep it as mandatory. Kindly update this feature soon.

Most of them are awaiting for this.

New Member

I like the idea of letting us customize the whole approval email. Like the bottom part of the approval also. Users get confused about that information and then I get asked questions all the time.

Advocate I

It creates confusion. Instead of showing request creator name it show flow creator name, logically it make no sense to show flow creator name.

Advocate II

This is making my project look like a tinker toy and and is embracing. Please allow me to remove this created by. Or at least set it to a Shared Mail box so when people have questions I can refer to the right team and not a single person. 

Helper V

Has this been update?

New Member

Please remove this feature or make it optional!!

New Member

Please Remove it makes no sense.