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Remove unsubscribe link from mail connector

I would like to request the option to remove the unsubscribe text from the action "Send an email notification" using the Mail connector.  

Status: New
Level: Power Up

That feature is useless for the processes used internally by an organization and could even prevent critical information from being delivered.

Level: Power Up

Also, allow owners to add a "notify owners when a person has unsubscribed,"  letting them know that so and so has unsubscribed along with adding an easy way to re-subscribe a person if they do somehow unsubscribe.

Level: Powered On

Same comment as EtienneHR. This could stop critical information reaching employees

Level: Powered On

Agreed, this would stop me getting buy in from senior managment in the use of flows.

Level: Powered On

My client has asked for this to be hidden so they can use it for important notifications that should not be 'unsubscribed' from. There are CSS hacks floating around to hide this line but I don't want to recommend them. 

@ALL ,

why just do not use "Send an email notification" action but use "Send an email (V2)" action and optionally populate the "From (Send as)" field there?