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Rename a File in Sharepoint

Can you please add the feature "change the name of a file" in the connector as it is posible in oneDrive


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I am so grossed out, how does MS dare to keep its systems so impotent and almost consciously makes it frustrating, complex and unintuitive to use... I am not asking for something complicated, renaming an online file through flow should be the easiest thing on the world, but I feel like I need a highly-paid consultant to do my job or an master degree in Sharepoint-ism to get things done.

I created this account simply to finally complain and beg for improvement, even if it is unlikely we will ever see it.

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please add a rename action - it seems such a simple thing that is causing many of us a lot of main

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I so need this NOW!  I have journal articles and need a consistent nomencalture.  I want to concatonate the meta daa so we can have SharePoint rename each file after it's uploaded.  I used to be able to do this in Designer...SOOOO frustrated with Modern.  It fails me every day.

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Microsoft wants to dominate the cloud apps/software as a service  model marketplace,  and then they can't have out of the box something so basic as the ability to in one step rename a sharepoint document folder  or file in their batch / workflow processing language. 


I've worked with tools like WORKDAY and while they  suck in their own way too, they have batch processing down cold.  I can rename a file in one step in a workday flow.   

I'm annoyed that this feature even needs an upvote to get implemented.     



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MS please implement this asap

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This does not seem like a particularly obscure need! 


It's crazy that we have actions for updating the metadata, but it excludes the singularly most important and common piece of metadata (filename)!

The idea that you can copy the file to a new file with a different name may work in a few scenarios, but it totally flawed in may cases, not lease because that loses all version history.

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Very surprised to see something as basic and fundamental as this is not yet easily available

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I was very surprised that this feature is not available as a standard action! Please add it.