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Rename a File in Sharepoint

Can you please add the feature "change the name of a file" in the connector as it is posible in oneDrive


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I am so grossed out, how does MS dare to keep its systems so impotent and almost consciously makes it frustrating, complex and unintuitive to use... I am not asking for something complicated, renaming an online file through flow should be the easiest thing on the world, but I feel like I need a highly-paid consultant to do my job or an master degree in Sharepoint-ism to get things done.

I created this account simply to finally complain and beg for improvement, even if it is unlikely we will ever see it.

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please add a rename action - it seems such a simple thing that is causing many of us a lot of main

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I so need this NOW!  I have journal articles and need a consistent nomencalture.  I want to concatonate the meta daa so we can have SharePoint rename each file after it's uploaded.  I used to be able to do this in Designer...SOOOO frustrated with Modern.  It fails me every day.

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Microsoft wants to dominate the cloud apps/software as a service  model marketplace,  and then they can't have out of the box something so basic as the ability to in one step rename a sharepoint document folder  or file in their batch / workflow processing language. 


I've worked with tools like WORKDAY and while they  suck in their own way too, they have batch processing down cold.  I can rename a file in one step in a workday flow.   

I'm annoyed that this feature even needs an upvote to get implemented.     



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MS please implement this asap

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