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Rename a File in Sharepoint

Can you please add the feature "change the name of a file" in the connector as it is posible in oneDrive


Status: Under Review

Hi @OzMatt - thank you for your patience as we've been triaging this request with both the SharePoint teams and the Power Automate teams. This is a feature ask for the SPO connector, it sounds like the request is asking for a new out-of-the-box action or to add a parameter like 'Update file' or 'Update file properties. This item has been added to the SharePoint team's backlog. 


Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we have updated the status to 'Under Review',

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I'm attempting to find a way to updatethe filename of a document and there is no straightforward way to do this, - 


can we have a SharePoint function that works similar to the update item function for documents please

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@AnonymousI also miss it! In the meanwhile, you will find a workaround here

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Brilliant thanks for the reply I've attempted  a number of ways to trigger the flow - now my issue is that the flow does not trigger - I want it to run when a file is modified but no luck

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Hey, I tried the workaround however the copy file is now failing, I'm 90% certain its because I have 7 managed metadata columns.

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I'd really like to see a Rename file option as welll. I've been spending over an hour so far trying to copy file and then delete the original when rename would be so much easier.

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We need a "Rename File" action asap. Building this manually from other actions is too timeconsuming, too complex for the average user, and too error-prone. Renaming files is simple from the SharePoint UI, simple from the Windows UI, so I'm suprised it's not already available. Make it so!

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Following on from my post here:


Could we please have an action that allows a SharePoint file/folder/document set in a document library to be renamed?


Something like this:




Probably a good idea to have a similar action that allows for a path to be specified, instead of the ID.




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Microsoft, this is crazy that you cannot rename a file / specify a new name for a file in a document library through a Flow action.  The only way to do this is to Create File and then use the Contents of the existing file, which then creates a new ID / additional record.  It should be very easy to do this, and needs to be added urgently.

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 Is SharePoint really meant to be a document management system?? How can it be without file rename??


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It's funny. After banging your head against the wall to do such a basic operation, you get a popup inquiering how likely would it be for you to recomend mcrosoft products to friend.

You should replace friend by enemy and you'll get all the stars in the sky.