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Rename a File in Sharepoint

Can you please add the feature "change the name of a file" in the connector as it is posible in oneDrive


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I'm attempting to find a way to updatethe filename of a document and there is no straightforward way to do this, - 


can we have a SharePoint function that works similar to the update item function for documents please

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@AnonymousI also miss it! In the meanwhile, you will find a workaround here

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Brilliant thanks for the reply I've attempted  a number of ways to trigger the flow - now my issue is that the flow does not trigger - I want it to run when a file is modified but no luck

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Hey, I tried the workaround however the copy file is now failing, I'm 90% certain its because I have 7 managed metadata columns.

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I'd really like to see a Rename file option as welll. I've been spending over an hour so far trying to copy file and then delete the original when rename would be so much easier.