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Rename actions with dependencies

I understand the current limitation on renaming an Action that has subsequent actions that depend upon it.

I'd like functionality to be implemented that will refactor the flow (rename subsequent uses of the Action's output) when a rename occurs, so that I can rename an Action that has dependencies upon it.


Kind of like how in Visual Studio, I can select a variable name, right click and select rename and it will rename all uses of the variable.


Status: Started

We are working on improving this experience. Thank you.

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Absolutely agree. And linking a related 'idea' (below) for anyone else interested, and to vote for both to be implemented.

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Or like any other file. You could argue that all files have dependencies of sorts. So yes, totally agree rename option is needed. For Microsoft to try and defend the flawed status quo would be absurd.

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We need the ability to change the name of a flow step after it has been used. Flow should auto-correct the downstream references.

Power Automate Staff
Status changed to: Started

We are working on improving this experience. Thank you.

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@Stephen I think this is released?

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It is happening for me in many cases, but not all. Particularly frustrating in For each loops that don't seem to update.