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Rename custom connector

I cannot rename a custom connector. Can this be made possible? 

Thanks for the feedback.

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New Member

I'm just looking for a way to do the same thing.

Has anyone found a way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

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Needs to be made possible

New Member

Agreed.  I have multiple environments and users can are not following the corporate naming convention standards.  The Connectors are in production use and would be very difficult to delete and create new connectors following the our corporate standard.

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This is crazy!! How is this simple functionality not allowed? I have custom connectors with the word "Dev" in them since they are temporarily connected to Dev sources and now I want to Prod and rename... argh!!  😞


New Member

I seem to remember that I finally succeeded, but I had to rename the whole project by modifying the project name in the source code files. It is not a nice task but it works