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Reorder Capabilities for Create CSV Table

There appears to be no way to reorder columns when using the Create CSV Table action. The current method is to delete existing rows and add new rows if the order needs to be changed, which is tedious if many columns are being used. Tangentially, the ability to drag and drop values would also be benificial.


Implementing any/all of the following would be great:

  • Bring Forward/Bring Backward/Bring to Front/Send to Back (like PowerApps)
  • Column Number Order Selection (like SharePoint)
  • Drag and Drop
Status: New

It would also be nice to be able to add in a value at any point, like if you could hover in between values and see a little plus sign. I currently have a list of about 30 columns in my CSV and I need to add one near the beginning, so now I have to recreate almost the entire list.