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Reply-to in Send an Email connector

Send an Email connector got From (Send as) option, please add Reply-to option as well


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Being able to select the email Reply-To header as dynamic content would vastly simplify existing flows I have, as well as improving the robustness of the process.

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This would be great... Also in the connector for shared mailboxes !

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The use case is typically that you have some kind of flow that fulfills a request on behalf of a user and then  notify some other user(s). The recipients of the notification may want to follow up the original requester with some questions, then it is convenient to have a correctly set reply-to header so that reply is not sent to the shared inbox by accident. To avoid having to grant permissions on all possible mailboxes, you send from a shared mailbox. 

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I was about to use Power Automate to completed a business workflow but got stuck without Reply-To. None of the emailing options (Outlook, SendGrid, etc) seem to have this option.


Something wrong with just adding Message Headers?