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Reporting on URI usage in Flow connectors to support GDPR compliance

To comply with the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) our information security departments needs an overview of all endpoint in order ensure that sensitive does not flow to the wrong places. In order to accomplish that we need the ability to programatically report all URIs that are used in connectors/connections across the organization. The current Flow API and Flow Admin API do not support this.



- SQL Server conenctor: we need the server name (it is visible as parameter in the flow definition)

- HTTP Connector: we need the URI ((it is visible as parameter in the flow definition)

- Azure connectors, e.g Blob Storage: we need the storage account name (it is not visible in the flow definition but in the connection details



I need to collect these URIs/URLs programmatically rather than looking it up through the GUI.

Status: New