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Request sign-off Flow needs to include a last signed-off by column

The 'Request Sign-Off' Flow is a great simple out of the box feature to bring the efficiences of Flow to every worker.

However, I had a query from a client recently about the end result. The Sign off status says 'Approved' but there is not indication in a document's metadata as to who signed the document off - That is to say that the 'Modified By' doesn't update to reflect the user who gave sign off. Technically this does make sense as the person who signed-off may not have actually edited the document. But for history purposes it would be good to know who gave signoff in addition to the sign-off status.


There are two ideas here:


1. The first is for MS to add a 'Last Sign-off by' by column in addition to the 'Sign-off status' column.

This means that if the 'Request Sign-Off' Flow is run multiple times on an item the field reflects the last person who gave sign off.


2. Or simply have the Flow update the modfied by field with the Flow approval.

Status: New
Advocate II

We have just started using this in replacement of the old OOTB 2010 Approval workflow which writes back to a task list. The ability to view who approved it and when is of major importance to us.

I have looked in the approvals centre but to have the information available in a link or a column that gives the information would be ideal

Advocate II

I just started testing this feature last week.  I too would like a column that is quickly visible by users.  I did find the approval status in the version history of the document.  That's not the most desirable way to find out the information but it's at least possible to see who signed off.

Advocate II

I have found a workround for this, I created three columns in the library that the approval flow was connected to, they were named:

Approved by

Date approved


I then used the update properties action to get the flow to write back to the library the information on the person who approved it the time and the comments they made int he approval box. 


This allows quick access for a user to see who did it and when. 

Hope this helps until Microsoft review this idea