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Request to support Split On property “when a file is selected” trigger for Dataverse & SharePoint.



Using Dynamics Legacy Connector, 'When a record is selected' Trigger. When we disable the Split On property of the trigger, but everytime we save, it is re-enabled. 




1. Created a Flow with tigger "When a record is selected" (Legacy Dataverse or SharePoint).

2. Turn off Split property and then Save & Close the Flow .

3. Open the Flow again and Split is still turn On.


This is an existing feature gap.

Status: New
Advocate V
Advocate V

In Dynamics / Model-Driven Power Apps / SharePoint,
if you select multiple rows then run a flow with a 'for selected rows' trigger,

then the current behavior is that the flow will run once per row that you have selected.


This is because the Split On property of the trigger is enabled (which is good)


If your desired result is not for the flow to run once per row that you have selected,

but to instead run once total for all the rows,

then you would need the ability to disable the Split On property.


unfortunately, it is not currently possible to disable the Split On property (which is bad)


Please vote for this idea, so that the Split On property can be disabled.

Dataverse Legacy - how to disable split on.png