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Requests to implement connectors that can connect to other mail services (other than "office 365 Outlook" "" "Gmail")

There is a mail account that is used by connecting POP / IMAP to the Outlook client.
I'd like to send an automatic reply to the sender who sent an email to that email address, but it won't work unless the Outlook client is running, so I can't shut down the PC.
For this reason, I want to use Flow, but the only connectors currently available are "office 365 Outlook" "" "Gmail".
* The [SMTP] connector has only an email sending action, but it is confirmed that there is no trigger.
It is useful to have a connector that can do something like the [add new accounts] feature of EXO.
I would like to implement a connector that can handle multiple email services

Status: New
Advocate I
Advocate I

Would be nice to see an "SMTP-When Email arrives" trigger similar to the Gmail/Outlook triggers.