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Required triggers for Github

  • New Issue
    Triggered when a new issue is created.
  • New Mention
    Triggers when your Github username is mentioned in a Commit, Comment, Issue or Pull Request.
  • New Commit
    Triggered when a new commit is created. Select your organization, repo and branch.
  • New Commit Comment
    Triggered when a new comment on a commit is created.
  • New Pull Request
    Triggered when a new pull request is created.
  • New Notification
    Triggered when a new notification is created.
  • New Milestone
    Triggered when a new milestone is created.
  • New Release
    Triggered when a new release is added.
  • New Label
    Triggered when a new label is created.
  • New Repository
    Triggered when a new repository is created.
  • New Review Request
    Triggered when a review is requested from you or a specified user.
  • New Branch
    Triggered when a new branch is created.
  • New Collaborator
    Triggered when you add a new collaborator.
  • New Organization
    Triggered when a new organization is created.
  • New Watcher
    Triggered when a new watcher is added to a repo.
  • New Event
    Triggered when anything happens on a repo.
  • New Team
    Triggered when you are added to a team
  • New Gist
    Triggered when you add/star a gist (public or private).
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Oh, and:

  • Pull Request Merged
    Triggered when a pull request has been merged.
  • Pull Request Closed
    Triggered when a pull request has been closed.
  • Issue closed
    Triggered when an issue is closed.
Level: Power Up

I would like to see the above and template setup to add the issues from github to SharePoint projects site as tasks there. We can then create roadmaps and reports off the github issues in realtime.



Level: Power Up

I'd like to voice my support for "Pull request closed"

Level: Power Up

Pull request merged

Not applicable
+1 for trigger when there is a new "release" in github
Level: Powered On

We'd love to see a trigger for milestones being created or updated.


Agreed I need a trigger for PR created to pop a notification on Teams as the team is not very GitHub aware. Is there any way we can contribute to this?