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Rerun multiple failed flow runs

Hello, i need to rerun all the failed flows at once. i have more than 500 failed flows need to rerun, all i do just rerun them one by one click on the failed flows > resubmit > and go back to the list.  I see in  Here  the status still Planned for this suggestion. 

I would appreciated for make my work more effective 


More than 500 failed flowsMore than 500 failed flows

Status: New
Helper I

I would also like to mass resubmit failed flows 

Skilled Sharer

Yes, the idea was back in 2017 and still in Planned status...  an update would be good

New Member

Is there any update on this request? I also need to rerun all my failed flows in one time process

New Member

Is there a way to resubmit failed flow in bulk now?


New Member

Do we have any update on this feature yet, I also need it  -  Sept 2020