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Resend an Approval

The Approvals connector in Flow is a huge advancement over the out-of-the-box Approval workflows in SharePoint 2010. However, one problem we've run into is that very often, users overlook or ignore the initial message they receive for the Approval, so most of our clients want to have reminder email sent after a few days. The way we've done this up to this point is to basically send an email with a link to the Flow Approvals Center website. However, I think we're close to a better solution.


The recent updates to the Approvals connector include an action to "Create an approval (V2)". This (by default) sends the Approval email, but also includes in the dynamic data, an "Adaptive Card" value. This provides "The adaptive card of the approval" in json format. This is fantastic...or, it would be fantastic, if there was a way to include that Adaptive Card inside of an email message (using, say, the Email connector's "Send an email notification" action). I've tried a few different ways, using what I believe to be the correct script tags around the json, but the adaptive card does not appear in the message.


So, if there would either be pre-built action to "Resend and Approval" that would take the Approval ID generated by the Create an approval (V2) action, OR, a supported method of embedding that adaptive card into an existing email action, I think the ability to (somewhat) easily re-send an Approval message would be within anyone's reach.

Status: New
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