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Resend an approval notification from the Workflow history while its running

I have several large flows that have 4 level of approvals.  If I am lucky enough the flow stalls before the first level and I can resubmit the flow with no issue.


What I would love to see is that if the approval has reached the 2nd level that I can go into the history and resend that 3rd approval from the action node.  This came up because the 3rd approver did not receive the notification.  Yes I am aware that they can go to the Flow dashboard and click approve or reject from there but the recipients of these notifications are Principals and VPs and higher.  And we would like to eliminate multiple clicking scenarios.

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I agree with this so much! I have an approval flow that sends a request to 8 different approvers in parallel depending on what the customer selects in the triggering MS Form. If an approver loses or can't find their approval, I have to either go in and collect their approval manually via email or restart the flow, which sends the approval again to the 7 approvers that didn't have any issues finding their emails.


It seems this should be basic functionality from the "Sent Approvals" screen, as we can cancel an individual approval and keep the flow running, but we cannot resend an approval and keep the flow running.


And as Misa mentioned above, yes the approver can go to the Flow dashboard and click approve or reject from the "Recieved Approvals" screen, but these are Principals, VPs, and higher. It shouldn't be their job to have to navigate to their approval when said approval could be resent. Thank you!

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I am amazed this does not have higher votes nor was it built in.

The ability to manually repeat a Flow step (once it meets certain criteria), particularly Approvals, seems like it should have been there from the start.