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Resubmit multiple failed flow runs at once

I love the "resubmit" feature! But... wouldn't it be nice to be able to resubmit multiple Flow runs at once? Here's an example of a Flow of which one of the connections has expired:



After updating my Connection, I would like to rerun all of these failed Flows. Now I have to click the > sign, resubmit, go back to the list, remember which failed Flow I clicked last, click the next one, resubmit, etc.


Would be great if I could just select multiple failed Flows and click a resubmit button from right here.

Status: Planned

Thank you for the suggestion, we now plan on adding a feature for resubmitting failed runs in bulk.

Level 10
Totally agree !
Level: Powered On

I have 3 or 4 random fails per day (each day having +100 iterations, so I can live with it), and it would be fantastic to auto-resubmit or at least resubmit all errors at once.

Level 8

YES, i also wish there was a way to RESUBMIT multiple failed runs (knowing they have the same errors). last week suddenly 1 of my flow had this "access token empty " error (80+ failed runs)  but manually resubmitting them, it completes without error but it is so time consuming to resubmit each manually, 


Level: Power Up

That is a very basic requirement I think. Today my gateway failed and all flows failed. the notificiation come to email to me at evening and nearly 100 flows need to re -run...


Please allow to select multiple at page of flow running history and resubmit selected records at once for failed records.


I hope microsoft will do it ASAP

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I voted!


Please be a lad and vote my idea, to increase the approval timeout (or just general timeout) of flows to MORE THAN 30 DAYS!!


I'm at 155 votes, more is better.