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Resubmit one flow action - not whole flow




1. User make a flow with his credential to connect e.q. Sharepoint Online. User has MFA enebled.

2. Flow works very good until the MFA need to be refreshed. 

3. User don't know when the connection need to be refreshed. IMPORTANT: Users now need to check every day if one of their connection is not more working.

4. User checked that one of the connection is not working and make credentials refreshed.

5. User get e-mail that some of the flow run failed, because action depeneded of the connection with past credentials

6. User need to resubmit all occurence of failed flow. 

7. ISSUE: Some of flow can't be resubmitted e.q. time depended, action mail with selected option etc. We need to has possiblity to resubmit only this action which failed to credential issues. Secondary the flow should be possibile to resubmint from this point to go to the end. Something like "PARTIAL RESUBMIT"


As a workaround in company we are using the "Special account" which has special policy to credential. But how to make then flow with Exchange user account, with policy that we can see which user makes changes in Sharepoint by flow starting etc. 



The ideal scenario is: As a user of flow run on my own credentials, all flow runs which failed with credentials issue should automatically contiune work after I give new credential data to connection.


This flow behaviour is stopping us to make use flow in company, too many issues with not fully working flows which will everyday happens when 2000 users will use flows.

Status: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

Advocate I

I agree.

I have the same problem.

I don't want to resubmit all a flow if for example I have one ot two approval on the flow that was already completed before the failed.
If I resubmit I will need to do again the first approval...

But I think this problem of refresh a connection is the most important problem to a larger adoption of flow.

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Agreed! MFA is preventing our organization from leveraging Flow beyond just a single user creating a personal flow and accepting the fact that it's going to fail often due to MFA timeout (which happens every few days).  It's too bad as there is so much potential!

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For informationo we try this but I don't know yet if it's works:


To soon to tell.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Under Review

Thank you for the suggestion, this is a great idea.

Regular Visitor

Is there any udpate on this?  It would be really great to have the option to be able to retrigger a flow at the point of failure. For example, we had approvals completed and the rest of the flow failed but don't want to resubmit the entire thing for approvals again....

Possibly do something similar to SQL Server Agent "start at step" !! Please help implement asap 🙂

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I'm also wondering if there is an update on this.


I have a multi-approver Flow, and it would be nice to resubmit a Flow run at a level if it failed at a specific approver level

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Any updates?

This is the exact issue I have today when trying to deploy Flow in my organisation - something that creates immediate negativity by all Senior Management having to redo approvals and already asking for 'something better' . 

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Also asking for an update.

It is a bit ridiculous that the ability to restart a Flow from a failed step was not a standard feature.

As the previous poster stated, there is negative blowback from users that have already submitted information and approvals.

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Really waiting for this feature.