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Resubsribe To Flow Email Feature Needed

Add a feature to allow users to resubscribe to Flow email after they have accidentally clicked on the unsubscribe link embedded in all Flow generated emails. The last sentence of all flow emails is:
"If you'd like to unsubscribe and stop receiving these emails click here." Where the "click here" is the hyperlink that unsubscribes the email recipient from all Flow generate email.

The unsubscribe link is dangerous, since it is easily clicked inadvertently, is essentially permanent, and doesn't have to warning.

Status: New
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There is a huge need for some control over that sentence in emails.


As it is right now, no Flow email can be send to users as they can't be trusted not to press it. 


Considering the flows are build inside an organisation, the administrator should have control over subscribing/unsubscribing from emails. 


A possible solution could be a setting on the flow/email component to show/hide the sentence, or if that's not possible, a list that be monitored by administrators to manage users subscriptions.

Regular Visitor

Same for me. On testing purposes i unsubscribed by using this option in Power Automate Mails, that where sent by Approval Actions. Opened a Ticket at Microsoft to get back to subscription (many many weeks ago) - so far no solution for that . There is a Form available which seems its purpose is to claim back the subscription - but it is not working (tested a hundred times):


For our business it is very important to avoid processes get broken by this unsubscribe option !!