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Retrieve Azure AD Group by Group Name

I'd like to see an action to retrieve an Azure AD group or group ID by group name.  Currently, I can retrieve a group by Group ID, but I don't know the ID of the group to retrieve.


Use: I'd like to have a group of users that are able to approve requests.  Each user is already assigned to a department.  I just need the group so they can be eligible as approvers.  I'd retrieve the group by name (Approving Managers), iterate through the group's users and email the requests to the members in the appropriate department.

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I'll echo that exact sentiment. Unless I'm mistaken (please correct me if so!) the only ways to obtain a group ID are either:

  • the Graph API via a custom connecter (requiring premium licensing), app registration in Azure, etc...  
  • access to the Azure Portal (and knowledge on where to look) to see the list of groups

Considering that Power Automate is intended to be "Citizen Developer friendly" I see both of these approaches as non-starters for that user type. Both require way too much effort to accomplish this relatively basic use case.


Better yet... Just extend the Approvals service to support Azure AD groups for task assignment and we wouldn't even have to ask for this.

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Extremely needed. Please provide such an action that can retrive group id by group name.

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This would be very useful. We can easily find SharePoint group ID but impossible to get Azure AD group ID