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Return document names from DocuSign envelope

We're working on integrating DocuSign with SharePoint online.  One thing we were hoping to do was to have the DocuSign flow connector return the exact name of the document or documents inside an envelope.  In this way we are hoping to be able to populate the DocuSign envelope ID (among other things) into a column on the document in SharePoint


Another potential use for this feature would be to allow us to generate meaningful notifications when an envelope status changes.  Currently, if an envelope status changes we can generate a notification or email, but there's no way to indicate what documents have had their status change.  As a result we're left with just a generic message to the effect that an enevelope has been signed.  So if you have multiple DocuSign envelopes going at once, the information is less meaningful if the notification doesn't indicate which documents are signed.


Please let me know if you would like a more detailed description of the flows we've been thinking of that would benefit from being able to have this information returned by the DocuSign Flow connector.  Thanks!

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New Member

I have been working on the same thing. I have a partial resolution. But if you have a great flow please share it. My Flow requires I create one for every employee. I would like the one that could be assigned to multiple folders and use the If it contains to direct which folder it goes too.