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Return the Path of SharePoint Managed Metadata Fields

Today when you call get item against a SharePoint Item with a managed metadata field it returns a value of "path" however this value is always null.  It would be helpful if the path was displayed.  This would allow for us to assess the relationships between different tags.  Previoulsy this information was showing up in the label field, but sometime over the last few days it disapeared, and now it only displays the tag label.

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Definately a +1


Scenario to back this up:


Managed Metadata setup like this:






SharePoint list has managed metadata field set to hold the full path name therefore, selecting Test1.2 will hold return Test1:Test1.2


In flow, attempting to retrieve the path of the field should return Test1:Test1.2 but shows null instead - ok, so lets use the label of the field instead.


In flow, attempting to retrieve the label of the field now shows only Test1.2 - this used to be the path - so now there is no way to identify the parent of the term selected. 

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The JSON data structure of a SharePoint taxonomy leaf clearly separates 'label' from 'path', and currently MS Flow is not handling this correctly on two accounts:

1. The 'path' element should not be 'null' (why include it if it's empty?)

2. The 'label' element should follow the SharePoint display format, i.e. either containing the full path or only the leaf value (whichever option has been chosen by the SharePoint library owner).


It appears as if copying a taxonomy field value from one SharePoint list to another using MS Flow works as expected (probably based on the 'TermGuid' element) - it does however not work using these variables inside an email or approval flow action.


To me this is a serious bug - this undermines the tremendous value of a taxonomy field.

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No actual Info?

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I also tried using Path which seemed the logical choice but it is as described above the returning value is empty.


e.g. In the field Dossier-Subject I see "Administrative dossier:Contracts" and I can easily assign "Contracts" to the Subject column, but have no way to retrieve the dossier and fill the related Dossier column. 


This is a quite urgent problem because 2010 workflows (in which this was working) have been disabled and I need to get this fixed asap. We use related managed metadata to guide users in placing documents correctly within the predefined Dossier-Subject structure.


Please fix this. Thank you!

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I would love this functionality also, as it will avoid having to duplicate fields in my list

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You can use Get item connector and get "TaxonomyHiddenList" of your Site. Then pass the Wssid to get the right term and path. Then you can use that path where ever you want to use. 
Please accept this as solution if it works.