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Return value of "Send E-Mail" action to include the e-mail id to follow-up

The 'send e-mai' action should return an ID to the sent e-mail so we can do a follwo-up in the next flow action. I want to post the e-mail as an attachment in a new OneNote page - or even use a sort of 'printout' of the e-mail to OneNote.


The current 'send e-mail' action does not return something (even the 'text' return value is empty all the time.


I would need not only the text, but the 'subject','from','to', ...


I currently have a solution built with lots of time invest to manually 'rebuild' the e-mail contents and attributes as a OneNote text (xhtml), but that is very time consuming and if you chnage something in the 'send e-mail' action you have to rebuild it on the OneNote 'create new page' action.

Status: New