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Rich text option included with Send approval email

Would be nice to be able to have the option 'Is HTML'  in the 'send an approval email' so that there can be consistency between 'send an approval email' and also 'send an email' when both are required to be used within the same flow.

Status: Completed

You can now include rich text in approvals. Techincally, it's markdown not HTML, but it lets you do the same scenarios:

Regular Visitor

Markdown is half-baked. Please... PLEASE consider implementing a solution that allows HTML. 

Advocate IV

Still a problem - I cannot understand why formatting approvals emails doesn't use the same html tags as Send Email - and I cannot understand why Send Email (v2) doesn't include the ability to set options as well as the send-as address, while Send Email with Options doesn't allow the Send-as address to be configured.  If I wanted to use Send an email as an alternative approval method to get the benefit of the better formatting capability, I'm stymied anyway because none of the Send email connectors do everything I need in ONE package.


Please get your act together on this and give us ONE sensible Send Email that does html rich text formatting, with send-as and options config, and the ability to attach files/attachments, i.e. everything a standard Outlook email can do.  And it would be even better if the Approval workflow conformed to that standard as well.