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Rich text option included with Send approval email

Would be nice to be able to have the option 'Is HTML'  in the 'send an approval email' so that there can be consistency between 'send an approval email' and also 'send an email' when both are required to be used within the same flow.

Status: Completed

You can now include rich text in approvals. Techincally, it's markdown not HTML, but it lets you do the same scenarios:

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@RuKushner sry I read it wrong. I thougt you were using html for formatting the mail.
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How do you send a table within a approval flow without HTML?

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There is a better solution...


Instead of creating an approval.... Send an Email with options. Then, use a conditional to determine what to do with the response. It is essentially you creating the approval flow yourself, but you get to send a full html email.


Here is where I got the idea:

Here is the flow step along with a screenshot of the email it produced...
It gives you very clean buttons at the bottom that the recipient clicks...
The flow step returns the value of the choice that was selected: eg. if the choice you gave was Approve, Deny, the return value of the flow step will be the string Approve or the string Deny

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Thats the way I'm doing it right now. But Outlook recognizes the action and tries to produce a better view. But this view just supports Markdown and no HTML. 

And the main problem with this is, Outlook can't display this 'markdown view' correctly, even when I copy an example from MS.

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Flow approvals have a details field that allow you to include details from a SharePoint list. However, when the approval email is sent out, or when the details are displayed in the Approvals page, it is not html formatted and the html tags can be seen. Users find this very difficult as they report that they cannot read the details. Please allow for html formatting in the email and especially in the web page so that there are line breaks and no html tags. This is really important because users are totally put off if the text looks ugly and is hard to read. The 'send email' action allows this and it works well, so it would be great if this were also available for Approvals. Thank you.

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 Yes! We need this!

Markdown is okay, but we need the ability to create custom HTML for these emails!

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Couldn't agree any more.

Frustrating how it works for all other emails except the approval emails 😞 

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Hello Team. HTML is present. You just need to set "is HTML" to yes in the advanced options and in the body-field you can type HTML code. For example:

<p> <font color="#FF0000">
Text message


It sent to me the red color text message.

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Hi @VV


There is not option on APPROVAL EMAILS to select the HTML to yes to enable formatting. All other email templates you can certainly do this but it is the APPROVAL email I am looking to customise, just to be clear, these are in a different format in Flow. 

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