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Rich text option included with Send approval email

Would be nice to be able to have the option 'Is HTML'  in the 'send an approval email' so that there can be consistency between 'send an approval email' and also 'send an email' when both are required to be used within the same flow.

Status: Completed

You can now include rich text in approvals. Techincally, it's markdown not HTML, but it lets you do the same scenarios:

Advocate III

Can we get an update, or at least an acknowledgement that you recognize that this option is missing?

Advocate III

We need the option to include html markup in the Approval Email body just like it currently works for the Outlook Send Email action.

@Lee & @RKushner It's not yet there, but I maybe it will be possible when the modern approvals will evolve some more! 

Advocate I

Capture.PNGWe really need the ability to format the body of the new approval email action that was provided last month. We've taken 3 steps forward witht the new functionality (which works great!) but one giant leap backwards, as our emails look very jumbled. There's no way I can get my users to review emails that look like this and some of my users have too many approval request to open each and every link.

Regular Visitor

I'm ready to use flow for a business card approval but this has to be resolved before i can so that the approver can actually see the information that will appear on the business card. Please make this happen!

Kudo Collector
Kudo Collector

Need to have the option to start a new line in the new approval email.


As with the original approval emails we are able to include the line break html <br> to seperate each line as required


with these new approval emails we cannot and when adding a few rows from a list for example as active content it is displayed in the email as a complete mess all in the same paragraph.


It would be also very nice if we can have the option 'Is HTML' in this new aproval email as we do with 'Send an email' action



Regular Visitor

I agree.... I need to format the the dynamic content with regular test to make a message that makes sense.  I would like to insert a form style format indicating ...







Link to Project Document: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


Please review and advise Approval/Rejection and Overall Project Priority.




Found the     <BR>   will provide a carrage return in the Body Formatting...


Not applicable

I also want this feature, because I'm stuck right now.

Power Automate
Status changed to: Planned